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Choose wireless fingerprint time clocks to capture employees time accurately, prevent buddy punching, automate time keeping with Intuit QuickBooks. Our time clocks work online and offline seamlessly!!


User Friendly

We understand implementing change in business operations is not easy. That’s why we designed our app to provide ultimate user experience, once our intuit marketplace fingerprint time clock app is authorized, you can synch employees from Intuit to time clocks and view employee time activity in Intuit anytime. Both time clocks and software are extremely easy to setup and use!


Our goal is to make advance technology cloud based Time and Attendance affordable for small business, help business reduce payroll costs without incurring significant additional costs.

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Our time clocks support QuickBooks Online Plus Accounts

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Our time clocks support QuickBooks Desktop and Enterprise versions.

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24 x 7 Device monitoring
Unlimited support
24 Months warranty on Hardware
Unlimited Data Export
Minimum $30.00 per month billing.
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What our clients say

I was looking for a professional, robust, easy to use and economical solution. You guys made this project very simple to implement and use, and cost including the machines and monthly subscription is extremely affordable. I am pleased with your responsive support. Thank you for great product that helped our managers avoid errors due to manual entries and save them time so they could focus on more important things.

Bhupen Amin CEO/Lotus Hotels, San Francisco Bay Area

I and my associates have been very pleased with the service they have provided. Whether I’m working at my desk or at home I can log into to the software and view a live attendance log (which means I can see who is working and who’s not). Response time is great when you’re requesting support from them. If you’re in the market for a new biometric attendance and HR system I would highly recommend this company.

Pat Melvin-Carolus HR Manager/SERF, Inc. Cantonment, Florida

Fingerprint Time Clock

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How to use our clocks with Intuit QuickBooks

Our Intuit Marketplace app synchronizes employee data with our fingerprint time clocks, once employees fingerprints are registered using the same time clock, employees can use fingerprints to register their attendance, optionally they can choose job codes if attendance tracking by job codes is required. Our app will push fingerprint time activity directly into your account at QuickBooks online.
Steps to use our solution:
Contact us to purchase fingerprint time clock(s), you will receive the time clock with your login details for time clock app. Install time clock and connect it with internet, login to your account for time clock at this site, authorize our app to access your account data at Intuit QuickBooks Online and you are ready to go. You will be able to download employees from QuickBooks Online to the fingerprint time clocks and export all attendance data captured at fingerprint time clocks to QuickBooks Online with single click.
Following are key features of our app::

  • Cloud based app, easy to access from anywhere
  • Optional PTO/Absence management
  • Supports multiple time clocks, multiple sites
  • Supports different levels of privileges for employees
  • Supports job codes
  • All data is backed up on the cloud
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App screen shots

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Industries using our solutions?

Our solution is extremely configurable and designed such that it can be used by businesses in almost any industry that needs to track and manage employees attendance efficiently and eliminate time theft. Some of the major industries where our clients come from are:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Healthcare

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